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How to Use Period Underwear

If your a woman that is still living with a menstrual cycle every month and have not yet discovered period underwear, you need to get some! They are an amazing period product that should have been invented long ago. If you want to protect your expensive clothes, avoid embarrassing leakage and have greater confidence when you are at school or work, these panties are a fabulous investment in your wardrobe.

These specialty underwear are meant to be used with a regular sanitary pad, tampon or menstrual cup. However, there are some available that you do not need other protection. You can find them in disposable varieties.

One of the most popular are period panties made from bamboo fabric. Many women love the bamboo option because bamboo is a sustainable product that is very easily reproduced. Not only that, it is very absorbent and extremely soft. The absorbent panel in the underwear goes from front to all the way to the waist band in the back. Some underwear have what's referred to as a kangaroo pouch in front where you can hide a sanitary pad for later use.

One website where you can find more useful info about period panties is http://bedspace.net/bamboo-period-underwear/. If you are constantly worried about period leakage, then owning these underwear is a must. You can prevent those embarrassing period situations so easily just by adding these underwear to your collection.