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6 Tips to Safely Remove Trees

Removing a tree is an ambitious job and you have to take additional special precautions to make certain that the procedure is completed safely. To explore tree removal you may lead here http://www.treekingofli.com/tree-removal/ or read on the following tips:

6 Tips to Safely Remove Trees

1. Contact your utility company to schedule a meeting. Before you can start the tree removal process, you need to confirm that the power lines are protected or properly grounded to prevent electrical injuries from happening.

2. Use a two-person team at minimum. Based on how big the tree, you'll need at least two individuals. Larger trees require no less than two trimmers per 10 feet. They should both be trained in line clearance and equipped to perform exactly the same tasks.

3. Choose a day when the weather is favorable. If you attempt to remove a tree during windy conditions or whether it's raining, the process can become hazardous. Try to work when the weather is stable and not subject to change within the next 48 hours.

4. Get ready for the tree removal by verifying that direction the tree will fall. You can usually determine where the tree will fall by observing how it leans. If the tree leans more to the left or right obviously, chances are, it is going to fall the same way.

5. Find the root that's normally between 6 to 24 inches underground. Trees such as Oak may be little deeper, but no longer than 7 feet at most.

6. Identify a secure path to escape to while the tree falls to the floor. Some smaller trees will fall immediately while larger trees take longer.