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Clickbank University – An Overview

This post is not going to be yet another long Clickbank University review – instead I’m going to give a quick overview of CBU and then talk about whether or not I think it’s really worth the $47 membership fee.

Clickbank University is a relatively new resource for those who are looking to make money as affiliate marketers – it was set up in 2013 by two successful online entrepreneurs, with the endorsement of Clickbank itself.  This is impressive for one key reason – Clickbank has had the opportunity to endorse many ‘online marketing’ and ‘make money’ courses, but has always declined.  But then Clickbank University came along – which as it’s more than a simple course – they decided it allow use of their rather valuable and influential brand name.

Inside the members area of Clickbank University you’ll be presented with two courses, forums, support and a range of tools – some of the tools cost extra, but the basic courses and support are available for a one off fee of $47.

The two courses are good – they are detailed, long and easy to follow.  Each takes about 6-8 weeks to complete, although you can go through them faster than this, and cover the two key topics that are important to new online marketers: how to market products as an affiliate and how to build your own products.

But back to the point of this post – is Clickbank University worth joining at all?  Well, if you’re looking for a course (or range of courses) about online marketing and have the money to spend then yes, it’s one of the best.  If you can’t afford membership though don’t worry – most of what’s in Clickbank University can be found for free online, it will just take some time to search for it all.

Earning An Income Online – The Simple Way

If you're an online marketer then you've probably heard of Clickbank University and similar educational resources, but can anyone really make an extra income doing such things as affiliate marketing or building e-commerce stores?

The good news is that you certainly can – but despite what many people will tell you, it's not as easy or "guaranteed to work" as you may think.

Let's start with one of the most popular money making methods at the moment – affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, but you'll probably need to be able to build a website, or at least have a blog or space on a popular site.  Then of course, perhaps most importantly of all, you'll need to get traffic to your content – and that's the hardest part.

There are broadly two ways of doing this – SEO (search engine optimisation) and using paid traffic.  SEO can be the most profitable, but it takes a lot of time and effort, so you will need to be quite dedicated and patient.  It's also more risky too – as even if you do manage to rank for your target keyword, it may not be as profitable as you expected.

Paid traffic is often much easier – as you can find out if it's worth paying for pretty fast.  But you'll need to track everything to find out what's working, and you'll also need a budget to play with – and be prepared to lose – at the start.

However, once you've got that covered and you have the time, effort and money to put into it, earning an extra income online can be very straight forward and lucrative.