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Several SEO Tips and Tricks


Written by: Link Almighty. SEO tips and tricks are very important for a website. Many people have paid dearly for the sake of the site to be number one in the rankings of Google. However, if the quality of SEO on the website is good then it will greatly hamper its speed in Google. In addition, SEO optimization increases the authority of a website. SEO optimization is very important in doing the website in order to achieve the highest ranking of Google and it can be achieved. Google itself likes website of SEO. Sometimes for SEO score, we though it was perfect, however if we check at several tools of SEO score, the performance of our website is less gotten a perfect score.

Improving the quality of the website in order to be a good SEO is actually very easy. The most important thing when you install some plugin of SEO, you need to understand the utility of the plug-in then do the following SEO tips and tricks below.

  1. Title Tag

Title tag is one of the most important on page optimization on a website. Here the title tag lays served as keywords from each article that we will create. And it is recommended by the SEO expert. When you create an article, put the keyword at the beginning of the title so it will be very SEO friendly when you create articles

  1. Meta description

Description is the slogan for your website. This slogan will show your description of search engine

  1. Keyword

Keyword is no less important to ensure the quality of SEO on your website. The provision of appropriate keywords is the direction of your site. Here, it would be mutually fit and will make your site better have a good performance in the eyes of search engine.

  1. Loading Websites

This one cannot be considered trivial to support the quality of your site to make it more SEO. In addition, the loading is also very important that your website visitors do not run away, because most visitors have trouble opening a website and they will close it. Therefore, try loading your website better by installing some plugins and SEO tips and tricks.


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