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Personalized Lanyards for Corporate Advertising

Custom printed lanyards are used everywhere in corporate events, trade shows, or special events like parties and reunions. The main use of lanyards has been to carry the display IDs and name badges. But today, lanyards are being used even for carrying cell phones, lip balms, keys and pens. The lanyards provide a convenient way to carry these things while keeping the hands free.


Lanyards are available in various sizes, thickness, style and colors. Here know about the styles of the lanyard printing techniques-

Hot Stamped

Hot stamping is the most economical and in this method imprints are applied on the surface of lanyard using heat and pressure. Lanyards can be custom printed as per the choice and this makes it more appealing and unique. Corporate use this for publicity for their image and product branding.

Dye Sublimation

This is another style to create a unique lanyard. A polyester material lanyard is used for this purpose and multi-color designs can be reproduced on both sides of the material. Heat and pressure are applied and the colors penetrate deep inside the material making it less prone to wear due to surface abrasion.

Beaded lanyard

The lanyard is available in various designs today to keep up with the changing trends. Lanyard with beads and other similar objects look attractive and appealing. These can be made multilayered so that they can go with any attire. They are readily available in the local markets and online and can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Personalised lanyards come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you get it cheap from some good online stores. Search online and order today to give your corporate business an identity boost.

Why Your Company Needs Lanyards

From the smallest company in a local town up to the big shots in the metropolitan area, everyone is taking advantages of lanyards for maintaining and promoting a healthy business. If you might choose the most top 5 known reasons for why any business in the world should use lanyards it would be these:

1. Identification: Most everyone uses Identification at their workplace. It's learning to be a necessity as the business grows to have the ability to quickly identify the personnel and not merely for the other universities but for the clients as well. The options are vast. If you want to know more about lanyards, you can visit http://www.99centbics.com/product/custom-bic-lighters/.

2. Awareness: In a gathering and other social events it's essential to have ID greeting card located around your neck to improve the knowing of those around you, particularly if you come with an important role associated with the function itself. With no lanyard Identification cards, you're not there basically because no person knows who you are.

3. Safety: Most likely the number underrated good thing about using lanyards is safety. People don't understand how important is by using lanyards for safety purposes. In the event that you head into a loan company, and in the right path you position 5 people using lanyards with "Security" written to them you will feel safer.

4. Convenience: In this point in time, with so many gizmos and utility items you can lose an eye on things, the little ones especially, such as pens and secrets. By using a lanyard you can be certain you will not lose those objects.

5. Self-expression: Lanyards come in a multitude of styles and colors, virtually complementing your business's low-level marketing need. The multitude of options for customization is another essential aspect that can enforce the necessity of lanyards for your business.