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What Is A Green Energy Act

The Green Energy Act: A Summary

green energy actOntario, Canada passed the Green Energy Act in 2009; setting an example for others. The goals of the Act are to expand renewable energy prospects and develop a new industry in a territory that faced steady decline. The Green Energy Act is part of Ontario's overall plan to respond to climate change. Ontario has budgeted over seven billion dollars in funds for the project. The plan will affect every aspect of citizens' lives. 

With the Green Energy Act, Ontario plans to gradually eliminate natural gas usage and the carbon footprint of the province. The government will begin placing regulations on buildings, cars, homes, and even appliances. Assistance will be offered to help citizens make this transition. People who buy electric vehicles will receive rebates. The government will even provide businesses with incentives to make adjustments. But, what makes this plan possible is the citizens of the province. 

There has been some controversy surrounding the Act, but the majority of the population is excited to be bringing in more renewable energy. Most Ontarians are happy about making the switch to the wind and solar energy. The citizens are not only happy about helping the environment, but also the fact that more jobs will be created, and sustained. This Act is the beginning of an environmental revolution for Ontario.