Tips on DIY Mosquito Control

Mosquito control is not a simple job. It will rather take a great deal of patience, determination, and persistence. Mosquitoes are annoying, disease-carrying pests that only serve to distract and irritate the people.  

Within the following paragraph, we will summarize a few mosquito control hints.

1 – Eliminate the standing water. Make sure you recycle your old cans and older tires. If you own a bird bath and a bad pest dilemma, make certain you empty the bath until the population is under control. For information regarding mosquito control services, continue to this website:


2 – Assess around your premises, searching for places which may hide water. Cleanse your flower pots and place covers over grilles that might potentially hold water.

3 – Plant mint in and around the flower beds from the yard or around the fences lining your land. The flowers that grow from the mint will probably work to draw dragonflies which prey mosquitoes.

4- Take the opportunity to trim your backyard so that the area under them is equipped to wash correctly. Inspect your home for any signs of moisture.

5- If you've got a swimming pool, make sure to completely clean a treat it regularly. Make sure to maintain the water fresh and trapping. Stagnate water is only going to draw more pests, adding to the problem and making your pool virtually unusable.

6- In case you've got a small pond in the backyard, make sure that you stock it with fish that feed off of the critters. This will keep your pond fresh, lively and bug-free.