Pearl Bracelets Make the Best Gift for All Occasions

A bracelet is one jewelry that enhances self-confidence and a woman's attractiveness. It fosters the aura of a female and provides an appeal. And what gem that is better to use than the freshwater pearl  for this sort of jewelry. By its beauty, a pearl is the symbol of timelessness and serenity that given or could be worn as a gift on any occasion.

Pearl Bracelets Make the Best Gift for All Occasions

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Freshwater pearls are a treasure being expensive and rare nowadays. Although similar to the seawater and natural pearls, the advantage of freshwater pearls is located within depth and their luster. They're also known for their broad assortment of color.

Besides the white, these freshwater pearls are available in colors including purple, blue, rose, pink, cream lavender and yellow in addition to silvery salmon, red, copper bronze, green and brown.

While they have different colors, freshwater pearls come in an assortment of shapes such as pears, eggs, drops, dome, rounds, and barks. The kind is categorized such as nuggets, hammers, twins, barrels round-a-circle, rosebuds, wings and puppy tooth.

Where it all started

These freshwater pearls were cultured in Lake Biwa near Kyoto, especially in Japan. Japan was a pioneer in the market. However, China has taken over being the manufacturer today. And there is no reason. China has used technology in the processing of pearls to make them stick out from the rest.