Marble Granite Tiles Vs Slabs – Which Is the Better Choice?

Lots of men and women find granite really attractive and appealing. Does it have a classy look that provides an elegant look to your home; it's also quite durable and long lasting. These characteristics are the key reasons that they're getting more and more popular among homeowners and interior designers. To get more detail on the marble worktops in York you can visit

 Marble Granite Tiles Vs Slabs - Which Is the Better Choice?

Now, more than ever, people are interested in upgrading their old ceramic tile countertops to something made from granite. The one issue that disturbs them is that those massive granite slabs are rather expensive for the average person's budget.

Fortunately, there is an alternative you can turn to. While big slabs of marble granite could be somewhat costly, marble granite tiles cost considerably less. These marble granite tiles come from the very same materials as the big slabs. The only difference is they are cut into standard sizes which are ready to install.

Granite slabs really come from big boulder-like chunks of granite which are quarried in a number of areas of the world. These stones are subsequently transported to processing plants, usually in Verona, Italy, where they're refined and polished. This is where they're cut into still massive slabs, as well as the emerging product is like the granite countertops that are extremely familiar to us.

Marble granite tiles also come in the very same rocks. Rather than cutting them into slabs, the workshops cut them directly into standard-sized tiles, and send them to stores and warehouses all over the world.