The Nature of Discipleship

There is a query that I have had the event to ponder lately. What precisely is a disciple? Obviously there are so many patent answers to this query that are utilized regularly without reservation.

A disciple is a student.  He studies the manners and ways of his mentor to find out about him.  A disciple is a follower.  She follows following the manners and approaches of her mentor.  A disciple is an imitator, imitating the manners and methods for his mentor. You can also visit to get more info on discipleship.

These patent replies aren’t erroneous.  Nonetheless, in my personal contemplation, I have been asking a broader question than simply what’s a disciple.  I’ve been asking, what’s discipleship?  I’m very comfortable that I understand the way to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, but that I struggle with how to show others how to become a disciple.

I will teach them that the Bible and also show them the way to research scripture for themselves, but I have real trouble demonstrating them the absolute critical of living a life that’s completely surrendered to Jesus Christ – and what precisely that seems like about a day by day basis.

From the Christian community, there are far too many novels out there describing how to start discipleship.  Almost without fail, there’s some program or method that’s suggested that will aid in making disciples.