Saving time, effort and money


Cable dispenser stand is a great tool for dispensing reels of wire. A fantastic time and cost saving product which is ideal for any electrician, it can be easily folded for storage so that it can be conveniently fitted in both large and small vans. It has excellent carrying load which is perfect for use with all types of cables. Cable dispenser stands ensure that cables are ready to be pulled neatly and easily without any efforts.

Fusion structured cabling system

Special tools like cable dispenser stands have been specially developed for easy-of-use, grip, attractive appearance and supreme suitability for a task. These types of helpful tools give a lifetime’s service and guarantee. The styles and specifications of the stands are offered or it can be manufactured according to the customer’s requirements. Many cable handling equipments has been used to increase productivity, increase safety and reduce cable installation time for range of industries.

Robust construction with greater durability

Cable can easily become tangled, making them difficult to work with, sometimes resulting in devices accidentally becoming unplugged as one attempts to move a cable. For solving such problems products like cable dispenser stands, cable trays, ladders etc. are used to support a cable through cabling routes. Cable stands and dispenser are manufactured from heavy duty steel and power coated with tilt back wheels for easy movement of drum loaded with heavy weight.

Genius Invention of premium stands

The versatile cable stands are designed to safely dispense a reel of cable or wire easily and safely. These reliable and sturdy stands are used by electricians, telecommunications, technicians, and many other all over the country. Cable dispenser stands last many years on job sites, proving a safe and proven means of dispensing cable and leads.