An Introduction – Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

Huge numbers of men and women in the world have employed the Roundup “wonder” weed killer, to provide knock out appearing lawns and gardens.

Daily, especially in the spring, plant and garden fans are bombarded with Roundup television advertisements, extolling the merits of the weed killer.

However, this backyard beauty and advantage comes at an excellent cost. The poisonous weed-killer Roundup was announced a “probable human carcinogen” by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In the event that you or someone you know was diagnosed with cancer, then you need to contact our lawyers immediately to get a free case consultation.

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What’s roundup?

Roundup is the most widely-used weed-killer or herbicide on earth. Roundup can be used on countless yards, gardens, school playgrounds, orchards, parks, and almost each single corn and soybean farms.

Roundup litigation and news update

In a fieldworker has been diagnosed with bone cancer after being subjected to this weed-killer Roundup and has filed a lawsuit.

According to specialists,” all know that glyphosate causes cancer from different mammals, but it hasn’t yet been shown in people.

That’s because the effects aren’t researched thoroughly enough in individuals however. But when we find out that other mammals receive cancer in glyphosate, we have to assume that individuals that are exposed to this substance may also develop cancer.