Manipulating Green Smoothies to Correct Diet Flaws

Many people struggle with ailments that affect your daily living. Diabetics have to watch their sugar intake; anemic individuals have to constantly watch the iron they take in, the overweight watch fat and calories and so on. I believe that by blending certain foods together you can control the spikes in sugar, the drops in iron and even your waistline. It's been proven over and over that a "Well Balanced Diet" can take care of these things or at least aid. The following are things I have found to be especially helpful for myself and my family.

When my daughter was almost 2 her doctor told me she was severely low on iron. Being one that is not a fan of traditional medicines (or more so the over use of them) I was on a mission to find a healthier more natural way to fix her anemia. I immediately took her off of cow's milk, and most other dairy for that matter. Dairy products, while some are fortified with iron, can actually hinder and even block iron absorption. I also upped her Vitamin C, because I was informed that it actually aided in the absorption. In her smoothie every morning I like to add a handful of fresh beet greens, a handful of fresh spinach, and a fresh Giant Kale leaf. I Of course add a couple oranges, or a grapefruit with about a quarter to a half of an avocado, and a half or more of a mango. I let her choose what else "goes in" and depending on the day she'll grab some fresh grapes or strawberries from the back yard, or carrots from the garden.

For my Father in law who prefers a Thicker Milkshake type I have cooked beans ready all the time. For him I normally add 2 cups of beans, Coco powder (per his taste) Truvia, along with his greens. He prefers "softer" tasting greens, so he typically sticks to a couple handfuls of two or three of the following spinach, lettuce, arugula and kale. He claims he "hates" avocado so I normally try to sneak a small amount in his each day. The good fats are great for the brain.

After having the two Kids back to back within just a couple years I found that I had put on over 60lbs! I decided that I had to modify my eating habits and my smoothies in order to fix this. One of the greatest things I added to my own smoothies was the oats. They held me off longer, and I have a terrible need to feel full. Almost Every day I combine the basics, for me they are 2 cups rolled oats, a pound of fresh greens mix, half an avocado and half of either a banana or mango or a peach, I also like to add a kick of berries or grapes to mine in the summer or squashes and spice in the winter. I can drink them all day long and feel energized as if I my kids age, I have dropped over 50 pounds of my baby weight and I eat anything I want for dinner and dessert every day.

Since the kids cannot possibly eat/drink as much as I make each day I freeze the leftovers in an ice cube tray and send them with them in lunch boxes or overnight bags when they visit the grandparents. When thawed they thin out a little so it's safe to add a little extra avocado/banana/mango. We also like to add a shaker to the bottle while we allow it to thaw so we can shake it and it won't separate too much. These Drinks have made our lives more enjoyable and consistent.

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