The Best Cellulite Treatments for You

I hate to break it to you but there is no single best cellulite treatment. In fact, the best cellulite treatment is not a treatment at all. Instead, the best way to deal with your cellulite is with a modified exercise and diet routine. You cannot use a generic routine because you could end up losing a lot of weight only to notice that you still have dimply cellulite. Rather, you need to use a modified plan that is specifically geared towards dealing with your cellulite problem.

Specifically, you need to do total body exercises, generic lower body exercises and specialized exercises that challenge the stabilizing muscles in your lower body. This combination of exercises will give you the best results possible because you will not only burn off a lot of body fat, but you will also tone all the smaller muscles that will make your legs and buttocks smooth. And you have to focus on both of these, reducing body fat while simultaneously smoothing out all those muscles in your lower body. If you simply do one or the other you'll not get the results that you want and deserve. Now the best training modality for your goals will be resistance training. Because resistance training will burn a large amount of calories, a large amount of fat, and it will also increase the production of hormones within your body. So make sure you don't run on a treadmill all day.

Also, you need to make sure that your diet is low in saturated fat and high in healthy fats. Because saturated fat will decrease the health of your circulatory system which in turn can make cellulite worse. On the other hand, eating healthy fats will increase the production of testosterone in your body. And testosterone is a very powerful hormone for burning fat and building muscle.


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